Thursday, October 16, 2008

Books I Look Forward To

I couldn't put this book down. Very intense. I had no idea that it is the first of a trilogy. Don't know when the next book is due out but I will look forward to it. Hope Ms. Collins writes quickly.
I enjoyed Airborn and loved Skybreaker even more. I'm really looking forward to Kenneth Oppel's third book about Matt Cruise, entitled, Starclimber. This is high adventure young adult. A steampunk lover's delight. I just wish I knew what happened to all the movie hype. (Can't discover anything about Artemis Fowl either). It's out in Canada but won't come here until February 2009.
The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson just hit stores this week and I can't wait to get to a point with my commissions where I can kick back and read this book, guilt-free. One of the most unusual fantasies out there with a unique, original brand of magic. Just when you think you have things figured out, Sanderson surprises you. Give him a try.
The Singing, fourth book of Pellinor by Alison Croggon. This is this first of Aussie authors that I have come to appreciate. I was reluctant to read The Crow because the two main characters are not in this third book. I loved it. Now I'm good and ready to see how it all ends. March 2009.
You've heard me rave about the first book by Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind. Come April 2009, I'll be in line for the next installment, The Wise Man's Fear.
Here's the other Aussie, John Flanagan. These books have the same flavor of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles. They are quick reads, yet compelling and filled with tough decisions for our young apprentice, Will. November 2008.


E and H said...

I have a book to recommend. It's not as "smart" or deep as yours but it's a pretty funny book to read - "I'll tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you" by Ally Carter. It's a YA author. Its about a teenage girl that goes to a spy school, but it poses as a boarding school and how she can kill with only a dry noodle. It's a quick read but fairly entertaining. Nikki recommended it. Maybe if you see it at the library...

Krista said...

I loved The Pellinor series by Alison Croggon! Great series, she made the world feel so real, in my opinion.