Friday, October 17, 2008

New Portrait Commission

Beginning another portrait commission. This time, I'm back using colored pencils. There is something therapeutic about laying down all the light layers and watching the image emerge ever so slowly on your paper. I'm very excited to be doing this one. The richness of her skin tone in contrast to her clothing will be challenging and hopefully I can capture the nobility of this regal woman's visage.
Here is the first couple layers of pencil. I will start establishing the darkest side of her face (the right) so I can use that to gauge my values.

I always like having the eyes in as soon as possible. If they start looking back at me (and sometimes speak to me) then I know the portrait may have a chance of succeeding.
Colored pencil goes through alot of ugly phases. Right now, with only one eye and no mouth or hair, it does look worrisome. Patience is a requirement for this medium.

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