Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breaking Dawn Cover Art

There's a book cover contest for Breaking Dawn on HisGoldenEyes and I had some fun in PhotoShop with two ideas. (I did them quickly and I'm not very good with photos. That's a puddle of blood in the second one, in case you're wondering). Before I explain why I did them the way I did, maybe all 5 people who visit here could give their interpretations. If you want to.
Edit: First off, I have to tell all of you how impressed I am with your interpretations. You thought of some aspects that didn't even occur to me. In fact, you're probably going to be very disappointed in my explanations. They aren't nearly as deep and profound as all of yours. Thank you for taking time to post your comments and putting it out there for others to read.
Second, as Milary said, Meyer's past book covers have nothing to do with the titles. They are all more metaphorical, representing one of the major story themes with a red/white subject, leaving the readers to come up with a plethora of explanations. Even Mrs. Meyer has admitted that she's unsure of the meaning of the tulip on the cover of New Moon. In the end, I don't think there's a wrong answer here.
Now, unless you have an ARC of Breaking Dawn, I figure we're all speculating here because though we can guess what might happen in the novel, we really don't know. But one of those guesses involves Bella's transformation into a vampire; hence, the butterfly. But I wanted to imply that not all goes as it should, or that a sacrifice is required so I put the tear in the wing, suggesting her flight would be impaired. I selected the butterfly for another reason. In Franz Kafka's novella, Metamorphosis, his character, Gregor Samsa wakes to find himself transformed into a monster. Though the butterfly is beautiful, the caterpillar phase has a voracious appetite and is quite destructive. Throughout the series, Edward battles with his self-perception ("What if I'm not the hero? What if I am the bad guy?). Bella only sees the angel, but Edward is aware of how monstrous his kind can be AND the struggle each of the Cullens have made to become a more civil and "enlightened" vampire clan. We all remember Bree from Eclipse?? And Erinne, let's not forget Jacob. Our warm-blooded, half-naked space heater left us in monster form. What will happen to him? And as far as the golden eye goes, I put it there partly because I thought it was a fun thing to do on a butterfly, but also because it's the eye color Bella wants to evolve to as a vampire. But she has to survive that risky red-eyed, newborn-monster phase first.
Still with me? On to the second. Again, great replies. And Sarah, though I really liked your idea about the fur, they are feathers. For me, more than the angelic reference to Edward, they represent the significance of Bella's last name, Swan. Afterall, this is Bella's story. The transformation of the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan made me first think of the feathers. Though Edward doesn't think Bella is ugly, she certainly considers herself dull, clumsy, and plain when compared to the Cullens. The story of the Ugly Duckling is also about being ostracized, seeking acceptance and ultimately, realizing your true self and belonging. I really hope we find out why Bella is so unique. Why she's unaffected by certain vampire powers. Is there something in her ancestry that will reveal her true nature? OR will she come to realize that ultimately, her humanity is most important.
Second, swans mate for life which eludes to the much-hoped-for union in this book. (Not to mention the imprinting of werewolves). I put the pool of blood on the ground to suggest something has been sacrificed in return for Bella's decision. No matter what happens in this book, I believe that each of the characters will make choices that will cause them pain. (And let's not forget how tasty a swan is to a wolf).
Well, thanks for playing with me. You've all been good sports. I've heard that the real cover has shattered glass and spattered blood but perhaps it's just a rumor. On May 31st, we'll all know.


Saying It Simply said...

Kimmy, I'm commenting here so that you can see it. Whenever you want to order the ornaments is great. Just email us the names, when you are ready. sayingitsimply@yahoo.com

Saying It Simply said...

Ok, it's been awhile since I read the first pages of the unedited draft. I had to get my fix after I finished the books and that was in September. The butterfly represents Edward and how he emerged from his cacoon when he met Bella. He was here, but dead. She brought the life out of him. As for the second, I'm kind of stumped. Maybe the divide of his wants. The thirst for blood and the longing to be gentle. Can't wait to see how far off I am. Anyway, I think they are great and give the effect the S.M. would be after.

kourtney said...

That deleted one was me. I wanted to post under my name.

Ok, it's been awhile since I read the first pages of the unedited draft. I had to get my fix after I finished the books and that was in September. The butterfly represents Edward and how he emerged from his cacoon when he met Bella. He was here, but dead. She brought the life out of him. As for the second, I'm kind of stumped. Maybe the divide of his wants. The thirst for blood and the longing to be gentle. Can't wait to see how far off I am. Anyway, I think they are great and give the effect the S.M. would be after.

simply kris said...

Having NOT read the teaser and before I looked at Kourt's comments, I guessed the butterfly emerging from a cocoon in reference to Bella and as for the feathers and blood, (by the way, LOVE that one) that an ANGEl has lost her wings. Fallen. (kourt wants you to know that her double comment she couldn't get to delete.)

Ce said...

Since I always struggled in English/Literature with interpreting books/poems, I still will take a wild stab at this.
I think the butterfly represents Bella in perhaps her potential to transform from catipillar (human) to butterfly (vampire). Now the eye hidden in the wings might be Jacob always watching her....ok a stretch.
The 2nd cover. Our those feathers or wolf fur? I think that Meyer will eventually explain that dream that plagues Bella of Jacob protecting her while Edmond is coming after her in the forest. So I think it might represent the showdown between these two creatures. Anywho. Now you can see why I got C's in English.

Bevany said...

Before I read your description I thought that these were the actual covers and she had decided to do two different versions. They're way good. I'm with Ce- I thought the butterfly was in reference to Bella turning into a vampire. I didn't notice the eye though. The feathers, I wasn't so sure about. I'm horrible at interpretations, but thought maybe something to do with "shedding" a part of her life for something else...kind of lame I know. Anyways, very impressive.

Erinne said...

Um...though I agree with the already mentioned butterfly interpretation(meaning, Bella's transformation), it's not Jacob's eye that is watching her, it's Edward's (though I would prefer it to be Jacob's eye because that is who I'd like to watch me!). And honestly, I'm not 100% sure she'll end up a vampire; maybe because I'm holding out that she'll end up with Jacob, though I really think Jacob will sacrifice himself to save Bella down the line. Anyway, the butterfly representing Bella's possible, (though more than likely) inevitable transformation, alludes to the freedom she'll finally have to be with Edward, but yet, she is still and will always be delicate to Edward. Now for the feathers/blood cover...a bit more cryptic. Here's a long-shot interpretation: Do the feathers represent Bella, as a bird, which symbolizes (yet again) the freedom she'll have once she becomes a vampire, BUT blood will have to be spilt, or a sacrifice will have to be made for that to happen. Cause and effect, ying and yang, good and bad, kind of thing. Whoa! Are any of us close to the real meanings behind the covers?

TwHT said...

Metafores always stump me, so I'm not a good one to ask about this! But, my first impression was, hunh?
The butterfly just strikes me as a wrong image. Maybe if it was red or white and and the branch was dripping blood. It seems too zoo friendly, eco messagey. I had to read people's comments on the feathers to get that one. My first thought was 'did Bella and Edward eat a bird??' (told you I am doh). I like the visual of angel wings, but how about a transparent set of wings in the black background with an image of the blood red/white tulip laying on the gound? eh, what do I know?

Bayra said...

I am also not great with interpretations of art. But here is my two cents. I think the one with white feathers represent Bella and her decision to be meddled with vampires. She will always be thirsting after blood and never be free of it may be depicted in the whitee feather being stained in blood.

As for the buttefly one, I agree that the eye belongs to Edward and not Jacob hence it is honey colored. Thus the butterfly must be Bella being watched by him or it may even be Bella's eye turning the into the color of honey as she pursues her new life. I also agree with the comment that maybe there should be blood sripping from the branch the butterfly sits. It seems more dramatic.

I have to say that Erinne must be an optimist. It would be nice if Bella ends up with Jacob. But I kind of want her to make that leap toward Edward not because he is so devastatingly handsome because because it is both of their first love and I want it to triumph all obstacles!

Merik & Milary said...

I’ve noticed with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series that the cover artwork and the book’s title have nothing to do with another. Though they both mean something pertaining to the book’s content. So I tired to decipher the meaning of the artwork without worrying what “Breaking Dawn” might suggest for the books theme. So for the first book cover, the butterfly. I wondered first if the butterfly had any special meaning. I think the reason it was chosen because a butterfly is one species that changes or evolves: metamorphosis. So I think that the butterfly symbolizes Bella transforming into a vampire. She’ll take flight into that world, but I noticed the wing is torn; perhaps meaning it’ll definitely come at a cost. She won’t come out of it unscathed…or other people won’t and that damage, or burden, is weighed upon her. And as far as the golden eye imprinted on her wing – I’m assuming that’s Edwards’s eye. Always with her.

Now for the second book cover. For me that was trickier. Pile of blood – sacrifice. But who’s? And I’m interpreting the white fluff to be feathers of some sort. I was tipped off that they might symbolize either Edward, because Bella is always describing him as an angel. Is it his feathers that are floating to the ground? Maybe he is the one to be sacrificed. I hope not!!! Does that mean he has to leave Bella again in order for her to remain safe? Geez, my head is spinning. It’s like being back in high school English class and writing on symbolism. Ok, one last take. Bella’s last name is Swan; could those be swan’s feathers – she’s changing from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan? Meaning she’s actually becoming a vampire after all? I honestly don’t know. Maybe I’m trying to sound smarter than I really am. I’ve never been great at symbolism and figuring them out. I’m too literal. So mom, what is the secret behind your interpretation? We’re all “dying” to know! Does Jacob play any part of your book covers design?

Isabella said...

Oh, wow, those are gorgeous covers! They look so professional that I can completely imagine them as being the actual book covers. Your art is beautiful too, so lovely!!


Danielle said...

I love the cover with the feathers. If you have already read the book, then you know that Edward "Bites the pillow" on their honey moon, which is what the feathers meant to me. I think you did a GREAT job on both of the covers.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you to all who have responded. And Danielle~ when I read about the feathers in BD, I immediately thought of the cover. Thanks again.