Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Calendar Progress

I've been holed up in my studio for about a month working away on these two commissions. I can share the calendar, but not the other. Here is the finished Aquarius piece. I ended up changing the head so that she would engage the viewer more.

Here is where I am on the calendar's cover. Watercolor wash has been put down. It's been sealed with Acrylic Matte medium and then proceed with oils...
...and finish by MONDAY!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Astro Cal Progress

Continuing with the calendar- met my deadline for another interior thumbnail and the cover concept. Rather than simply stick the 12 zodiacs randomly in the scene, I tried to "step into the picture" and make a story. This is what I came up with. Aries lights the way next to the Leo masthead, Gemini twins do the paddling, Sagittarius has her bow ready next to Virgo (sheaves of wheat), Taurus blows a bull's horn to signal their approach next to Libra on the banner, Capricorn plays with Pisces while Aquarius (the swan) and Cancer (crab) look on. The herons flying in the background are for Scorpio but they asked me to also include a scorpion on the banks. I asked if I could do a stencil of it on the boat instead and they said yes.

Here is Aries which has received the okay. That's dogwood in her hair with Mars in the background. The symbol with be in her earrings.

 I also redesigned the swan for Aquarius and changed a few things for a redo. It's ready for oil glazes.

Now I have a month to finish all three. Yikes!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Age of Aquarius II and Fantasy Con

Here's a progress shot of Aquarius. Probably one more pass with the oils and I'll call it finished. 

Detail from The Fellowship of the Ring- Descent from Caradhras 

I was able to attend one day of Fantasy Con here in Salt Lake City. It was the first time coming here but after the continued success of Comic Con's debut here in 2013, I believe there will be a future for these events in my area. Fantasy Con was held the weekend of the 4th of July which might have hindered the attendance some. I had offered to help Donato Giancola when I saw he was one of the guest artists on the website. He took me up on the offer so on the 3rd, I headed down and helped him set up and watched his booth when he attended panels. Howard Lyon, Justin and Annie Stegg, Heather Theuer, and Steve Argyle were there as well as others I was less familiar with. The picture above is a detail shot of Donato's largest painting to date. Measuring 6' x 10', it captured everyone's attention.

 Lots of LOTR and plenty of families that truly embraced the Middle Earth spirit. 

Donato's Booth

 This last picture is so geeky/Ringer funny. Here's Eowyn, Arwen, and Galadriel viewing Donato's Middle Earth Art book in front of his huge painting. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Age of Aquarius

As stated in the previous post, I'm doing an Astrology Calendar for Llewellyn Worldwide. They gave me permission to post on my blog about the progress. I sent in the two sketches and they selected this one. I finished the sketch and am now playing with some textures and colors in Photoshop.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Running to Catch up

Shame on me. Two months. Summer months, but still a long time to go without updating. I am going to try to get back to blogging; not just here, but visiting other blogs like I used to. I miss it. I use Facebook to do much of my networking but I miss the interaction and inspiration I receive from visiting blogs and seeing what everyone is doing. So...more blogs; less Facebook.

So, where was I? Here's the update on the Morrigan assignment. I ended up finishing her digitally and not very well. I hope to get back to the sketch and finish her in oils.

 Last month I received an email asking if I would be interested in illustrating the 2016 Astrology Calendar for Llewellyn Worldwide. It's the biggest commission I've ever accepted and though nervous, I'm actually excited to take on the challenge. Here are my thumbnails for Aquarius (my month). I haven't heard back yet but did get their permission to post any progress shots here on my blog.

That's it for now. Next post will be about my experience at Fantasy Con.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP on Final Assignment

Bad Kim!! Can't believe it's been over a month. In my defense, I have been sick with some respiratory bug that put me in bed for well over 2 weeks. But I'm up and running again and trying desperately to catch up with my assignments. Here is one that is for an Art Director next week. Many know him as the head of Art Order, a wonderful art blog that issues challenges to artists. I've never met Jon Schindehette but those who have consider him one of the nicest people. He is currently the Creative Director for Treehouse Brand Stores. Among many things, they provide fine art prints for gaming fans. He gave 4 assignments to choose from. I picked the one for Morrigan from Dragon Age. Here's the sketch, photographed and then played with in Photoshop. The last one has some corrections from Rebecca. Have to work fast on this one.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spectrum 21

I am both honored and humbled to report that one of my paintings was selected to be in this year's issue of Spectrum. I have not been selected since issue 14. Last year I submitted what I felt was my best work to date only to be disappointed. This year was a last minute decision, just to support the magazine and I got in. Go figure. I think the lesson here is to keep trying. Keep submitting. You never know.

I received this photo (below) from the collector who bought Heron Girl. I love how she choose to frame it. The motif in the frame truly complements the painting, giving it an Egyptian she's now in the Nile, bathing. I appreciate others who have shown me how they have framed my work.

  The next is from a woman who bought both a print and the original sketch of Jorg. She framed it along with her letter from the author, Mark Lawrence.

The same author posted this on Facebook, showing how he displayed the print I sent to him.

Great to see they have all gone to good homes.