Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Studio Moveth

Well, as I mentioned here on my blog, my youngest daughter was married this month. Up to this point, my art studio has been in our formal dining room (see my studio.)
So, with her departure, a bedroom was freed up and the boys and I worked all weekend to move my stuff upstairs. Those muscles came in handy. I now have a door I can close to keep my work out of the hands of little grandchildren who love to add their personal touch to whatever is on the drafting board. We worked very hard and when we were all finished, the boys gave each other a high five. Afterwards, they relaxed a bit and took turns reading...that is until they started arguing about global warming. I had to separate them.
I'm now frantically working away on projects I left while preparing for the wedding. Spectrum 14 should be out on the 28 of this month. Hope I can finish two of them by then.
My new book find: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
My newest blog find: Gurney's Journey.
Back to the new art room, I go. (hope the boys are behaving themselves).

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