Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Studio Companions

Well, I've been trying to get back into my art. All the while I was sewing those blasted beads on my daughter's wedding dress, I was envisioning all sorts of pictures and projects. Now, the wedding's behind me and I can't seem to light the fire within. I've been working on the Autumn portrait, gathering fall leaves for color reference. I keep trying different color schemes and nothing seems right. My new studio has fairly good lighting, even though it isn't northern light. Every time I get out of my seat, Princess Sophie, my seal point kitty, jumps up on my art seat. It's become a game with us. I don't know how she knows I'm out of it for a few minutes. She must have radar. The other picture is of Tucker, a lynx-point. He's our marble fetcher. While I'm trying to draw and trying even harder to figure out this painting business, he brings me a marble and drops it at my feet; his signal for me to play. I throw it down the hall and he runs to retrieve it and brings it back. I think he thinks he's a dog. They are both good company during my day. WHY is painting so hard for me!!


Kevin said...

Hmm. I have a theory. Painting is hard for you because you expect so much from yourself! :-) But then, high expectations can lead to greatness.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Hey Kevin....I think high expectations will be the death of me! I'm not getting Technosaur updates anymore. Do you have an age limit for the website? :~). Hey, have you thought of teaching again????

Kevin said...

Sorry, life has been abnormally crazy these past weeks (unlike the normal crazy I'm used to). I haven't done a good job of keeping up with my email updates. I'll try to remedy that.

And actually, yes, I have thought of teaching again. Alot. I miss it. Unfortunately, I haven't worked out the time issues yet. But I'm trying.