Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome to my studio

This is where I will be posting my art projects, assignments, commissions and random, inconsequential ramblings. My studio is actually located in the formal dining room of my house. Outside, on the rooftop of the dining room is my dragon weathervane. When the wind blows, he squeaks and twirls around and the sound is a comfort as I work away at my drafting table. Inside, above the entrance to my art room, is a sly dragon, designed by my daughter Erinne, that says, "Kim's World". Grandchildren: Beware!

You can also see my two Spidey friends that help me when I have a question with anatomy. They are articulated in 64 places. The hands are the best! One reminds me to get to work while the other one tells me to stay calm.

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