Saturday, September 15, 2012

SmART School - Week Two

Worked up my refined sketch, making the changes we discussed.

I scanned it and worked up my values on the computer. Still had some changes. Rebecca is helping me see things from a purely abstract sense, regarding the placement of shapes and values as they relate to each other. Here are the corrections in red.
 And the final sketch. 
Now to print it out, apply acrylic matte medium, and then oil glazes, keeping the colors  very muted...subtle jewel tones ala Rackham and Dulac. That's the plan. 
I must tell you how wonderful it is to be "connected" to the other students in this class. I don't feel so isolated here in my little studio. I know that twice a week, I can engage with them, share frustrations, learn from their skills and opinions and of course, receive valuable info from the instructors.


sarah said...

How much I love this beautiful picture! It will be so interesting to see what the final version looks like.

Lucas Durham said...

WOW, looks awesome! can't wait to see how the image will look once you've added color!

Keep up the amazing work!

John Calvin said...

Looks great! I hoping to see some in-progress shots soon.

Tanja said...

It's looking beautiful already! I love seeing in-progress shots of artwork, too. :) I'm curious -- you mentioned that you'll be printing out the final sketch...what do you print it on for painting? TIA.

- t

Tammie Lee said...

such a beautiful piece
full of depth and intrigue

so glad you are enjoying your class

Sophie Moss said...

This is fantastic, Kim! I love this piece. Very moody. I adore how your pieces always tell a story. So many possibilities of what could happen next!

Suzy said...

I keep going back and forth from your roughs to the latest piece, comparing them and finding your changes. It's coming along beautifully...can't wait to see the final, final!

HIL and ERIK said...

Ouuuu, I'm excited about this piece! Something about that wolf is giving me the eebie-jeebie's (which, is probably a good thing :]) I like the balance of light and dark also. Good job mum! I'm so glad you're getting what you want from these classes.
XOXO - daughter #4
PS - posted pics of Elsa's trip to the zoo!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments.

Johanna Urban said...

Great blog, you have great talent :))) !!!

Johanna, Sweden