Tuesday, April 14, 2009

O Spring, Where Art Thou??

Ah, who will tell me, in these leaden days,
Why the sweet Spring delays,
And where she hides, -- the dear desire
Of every heart that longs
For bloom, and fragrance, and the ruby fire
Of maple-buds along the misty hills,
And that immortal call which fills
The waiting wood with songs?
excerpt from Late Spring by Henry Van Dyke

Weather forecast for today: Possible valley snow. Was Easter Sunday just a tease?


kourtney said...

Just a tease...where is spring? Love the rabbit. I need to hire you to do three small fairy pics for me. I'll get you the details.

Amy Sullivan said...

~A wonderful poem & a very good question.~

~Your movie soundtrack list~
~these are some of my all time favorite films~ I can & do watch them over & over~

~what a happy bunny~ love him~

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thanks Amy and Kourtney,
Today, it snowed. I'm beginning to think our calendar is off.

tlc illustration said...

It's all that global warming...

E and H said...

I could totally see that illustration become a children's book. And yes, I'm glad Spring has finally settled in Utah.