Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 IMC Sketchbook Design

Prior to coming to IMC this year, they held a contest for the class sketchbook design. At the beginning of the introductory lecture, the teachers hand out nice hardbound sketchbooks to each of the students. Most of us use it to take pages of notes, to sketch in and at the end of the weeklong course, use as a sort of yearbook/autograph book. I decided to enter and couldn't shake the idea of the old world map term, "Here Be Dragons". This was a phrase used to denote risky or unexplored territory, which pretty much sums up my experience last year with IMC. The course forced me to venture out of familiar territory only to discover whole new aspects about myself and my potential as an artist. It helped me explore the reasons for long held fears and gave me new tools and knowledge to slay those fears. Though they left out the phrase, my design was chosen. Rebecca Guay added the cool font and integrated it into the dragon. To borrow a saying from Scott Fischer, "it was totally rad".
(I sometimes wonder if Scott's channeling Maynard G. Krebs).


R Hill said...

KKG..the design is fantastic. Love the write up! Looking forward to lunching and hearing all about your trip...RWH

James said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

You've got a lot of great stuff on here. The portraits make me jealous.

I picked up my ImagineFX at the B&N in Bountiful, so I'm sure you can track it down.

tlc illustration said...

You saw Rebecca's email with your awesome logo on t-shirts? Looks great.