Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Okay, Dallas. I've reworked many things about this portrait that were bothering me. The fairies in the foreground will be darker, as will the leaves at the top of the picture, creating a frame around you as the viewer looks into the painting to you and the book. I've made the fairies in the foreground larger and more interactive with the viewer, encouraging them to come and join the enchanted story hour. The fairies look a bit nudie, but they will have more coverage as I continue. I also closed your mouth, but can change that back. I will be lifting your wonderful brows to great more animation in your expression. Also, I added 2 more firefly lamps to balance out the moon and your head. I lightly added white to show you where all the little fairies are placed. PLEASE let me know what you would like changed. Thanks.

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