Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brain Freeze Leads to Brain, Freed.

JANUARY 28, 2013: Received SmART School assignment.

Central character is a female wizard about 14-16 years old. She has grown up on her own in a future dystopian( or past dystopian environment). She is VERY beautiful, but also unusual looking.She has one blue eye and one brown eye, and you need to show me enough of her face so this clear. She should be strong but have an undercurrent of vulnerability.

JANUARY 28 - FEBRUARY 11: Worked tirelessly on assignment. Downloaded over 200 images from Pinterest and Google search to encourage ideas. Results: 7 measly thumbnails.  NOTHING I liked. Here is a sampling from my uninspired brain.

 Even tried one in Photoshop, hoping it would help.

FEBRUARY 11:  LESSON DAY. While awaiting my turn during my online class, began sketching some photo reference I didn't use because I liked the expression in her face. After 30 mins. I scanned it and included it in the School Dropbox.

GUESS WHICH SKETCH SHE LIKED?? yep. The one that came as an after thought. I know all my work helped me to get to that sketch but I have got to figure out a short cut.

Rebecca cleaned up the silhouette by eliminating the hand and cut and pasted her to another one of my failed thumbnails. Concentrating on values and abstract shapes she gave me the above reworked sketch to develop.
Here's the refined sketch before I added a hint of color on it. I love the idea of a tattooed barcode, distinguishing her from the mainstream society. I need to refine the background cityscape but I'm finally excited to proceed now that my brain is no longer stuck in No Idea Land.
This experience was like remembering the answers to a test AFTER the exam. The brain relaxes, allowing information that was caught up in the cogs and gears to once again flow freely. Why did this assignment have me so paralyzed? Expectations? Image Overload? Who knows? 
Just hope some of you can relate....yes?


Corina St. Martin said...

Oh Kim, I so understand your frustration! But boy your brain made up for it with a gorgeous piece!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thanks, Corina. Really missing you in school.

Crystal Cook said...

Your work is gorgeous and your process so fascinating to me. I really want to move into conceptual work one day so it's very interesting to read about your struggles, and successes. I LOVE your final one, but I also really like the one in the mask too.

dark kristal said...

I have that problem all the time. Currently, I am 2 or 3 drawings away from finishing my book, but I cannot seem to work out 2 of those last three. I have looked at SO much stuff, and nothing is really coming to me. I'm just waiting, very impatiently for my brain to thaw. i know it will, but like you, i wish it would move faster!

John Calvin said...

Your honesty about your process and struggles is very refreshing. Great result!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thanks Crystal. You are pumping out so many good paintings in a week, you put my single sketch to shame.

Kim Rempel said...

Geez, that's you having a brain freeze? ; ) I just love the piece you've developed! Killer! The light band around the head, the muted palette - it is stunning. There is something about that cropped hair that gives her a really unique look.

Christina Hess said...

Great post, Kim and a beautiful, beautiful piece.