Friday, January 4, 2013

Thorin Oakenshield and Filters

Given how I feel about Richard Armitage *swoon*, it was inevitable that my next sketch from the Hobbit would be of Thorin Oakenshield or "Thorton" Oakenshield, as he is known among the females of this household (most likely, only fans of North and South will get the reference). Been playing around with this sketch for about 3 days, trying to take my reference from 3 different photos to try to create a more unique portrait. Here is the scanned graphite sketch, only slightly darken with the "levels" adjustment in Photoshop.

Then I played around with some of the filters and enhancements. These were three of my favorites.
WARNING: Playing around with PS filters can be highly addicting. Proceed with caution.
I can't wait to see The Hobbit again, only in 2D. No more 3D for me. 

Also, we took 10 of our grandkids to see Rise of the Guardians yesterday. I've been a huge fan of William Joyce's artwork since reading Dinosaur Bob. I have the two Guardian picture books and so was familiar with the story. We were not disappointed. Not only was the animation amazing, the story was original and the messages timely and tender, with emphasis on cultivating the WONDER of childhood  which fits right into my new year goals. When a children's movie can ask important questions, like "What is at your center?" I have to give it my heartfelt recommendation. 


Suzy said...

Beautiful drawing--you really nailed the texture of the fur, and DINOSAUR BOB! LOVED reading/singing that one when the kids were little!

Lindsay said...

We saw the Hobbit with my Mom on New Year's Day. If I see it again I will opt for 2-D, it made me a little sick. I loved LOVED North and South!

John Calvin said...

My favorite dwarf from the movie! Loved the scenes of him fighting with his oak-tree shield. Looks great!

Crystal Cook said...

I just went and saw this movie on Saturday and loved it loved it loved it! But really was there any doubt? Umm no. Not at all. :D I do have to say that I was so impressed with Thorin's presence and power in the movie, he was brought to life in such an amazing way. Thanks to Armitage. ;) Your drawing captures that about him perfectly in my opinion.