Monday, June 14, 2010

IMC Report

I'm here in Amherst, attending IMC for the third year running. The first day, Saturday, was spent having our sketches critiqued, analyzed, and run through the ringer. They are actually pretty nice about it and you have to be open to their opinions and expertise. Sunday, we worked hard to complete the sketch and then proceed to mount it on to the surface of your choice and begin painting. Many people started painting today. A few even started yesterday. I, of course, am behind the pack. I was able to scan it in and piece it together today. I'm now ready to walk to the printer in town and have them print it out on some 80 lb. watercolor paper. I'll then mount it on to a 16"x20" piece of masonite. This way, the sketch is preserved.
There's a wonderful group of people here. Many are pros. Some are beginners. The teachers are awesome. I am very tired. Will post more.


Bud said...

Hi Kim,
Looks great, keep up the good work and keep posting progress if you can. I am having IMC withdrawals this week, great to be able to see some work from this year.
Good luck!
_Bud Cook (2008 alum)

Tammie said...

It is wonderful to see your art and hear about your experience in class. Wishing you a wonderful time, adding many more tools and treasures to your bounty of ability!

Jennie Chan Moscatelli said...

The drawing looks wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished version! Learn lots and have fun!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Bud, it was great seeing you there on the last day. You look good. Hope you can make it next year. Thanks for your comment.
Tammy, thank you for posting. Yes, many tools that will take much time to process and learn.
Jen, Thanks. It was a wonderful week.