Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pluck Final

Finished with this experiment. I ended up using more saturated colors on the flesh. Maybe too much. So, I learn something with each attempt and my confidence increases ever so slightly. This is what I've learned from this:
1. I love sketching on vellum. It erases easily. I can check for errors by reversing the image, like looking at your sketch in a mirror. I also like how it scans, as long as I have a piece of white paper behind it.
2. So far, Lanaquelle watercolor paper is my favorite. It prints well and receives the watercolors beautifully. It's surface is smooth enough for the application of colored pencils.
3. Though I love the strong pigments of Dr. Ph Martin's, I prefer pan watercolors for the convenience.
4. Um....I believe in faeries.


Róisín said...

She's beautiful. Great blog, by the way!

Kristopher A. Denby said...

Man, I just love your stuff. I find myself transported with every new entry.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you so much Roisin and Kristopher.

Krista said...

Wow, great job! I really like this fairy :)

Bookwyrm said...

If you like really vibrant color and pan watercolors, consider picking up some M. Graham watercolors. They're only sold in tubes, in a pretty limited color range (compared to Schmincke or Windsor Newton), but if you squeeze them out into an empty travel set they dry up pretty quick and they re-wet more beautifully than any other pan watercolor I've tried (which, it's true, is not an incredibly thorough range, but enough to convince me). I have been extremely in love for years, now.

The only exception is their white, which doesn't like being dried in a pan at all. Not very surprising, but bears comment.