Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fugitive Moments

Just one of the benefits of having 10 grandchildren living close by is the availability of adorable subject models. Although most of my time recently has been divided between teaching an after school fantasy art class, and the first phase of illustrations for a children's book, I have my little side projects. These consist mainly of fan art inspirations and personal images (I also have been working on my own assignments from a class I'm taking).

This is one of those personal projects. The model is Mia (she did so awesome) and her aunt Audrey took the pictures. (My thanks to both and to mother Bevany for getting her all ready).
This has been one of those images I can't shake from my head. It's about the brief time our children are within our influence and the importance of what we do with that time. I believe when children come to us, they are instilled with an innate desire to ascend. How fragile is their hold on that power to soar. They protect the thin barrier that houses that inertia but it is easily penetrated and punctured. How I wish I could take back the deflating comments I spoke in careless haste to my children. Once spoken, the damage is done. Some of that "vertical soul" is lost. I want to convey in this work, the need for building and uplifting words to help them rise to their potential. Like the popsicle, our time with them melts away and our children leave us with either the hard words we speak or the sweet taste of acceptance and encouragement. In truth, it's usually both.
Using the computer to help me decide the color scheme. I will also try out 2 other pictures to see which works best.
Intensified the colors in the balloons here.
Intensified the popsicle and laid down some white over the gray in the dress.


Krista said...

oh wow these are so pretty I like them all :)

tlc illustration said...

Deep thoughts to infuse into that picture! (and as one nearing the end of that popsicle time, all too poignant..)

Marie said...

Beautiful words (so, so true, beautiful model and beautiful drawing.

ruthie said...

beautiful, i love to see the process others work with. i thought i was cheating scanning in and trying different colour ways. Mia is a little sweetie. ps thank you for followiing my faerietale blog x

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

My thanks to each of you for your comments.
Ruthie, I spent an hour last night on your blog, drooling over all your finds. What a treasure your blog is. You have Tara to thank for sending me there.
Thanks again, everyone.