Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Winter Faerie Update

Before I left for IMC, I had a mini workshop with Hala Wittwer, my former mentor, before she left for her new teaching position at Cal State Fullerton. She taught me a few new techniques that I finally tried out this month. I started out scanning in my sketch and then applying a PhotoShop under painting (see top picture). I then printed that out on a sheet of Epson Velvet Fine Art paper and finished with light acrylic washes and colored pencil layers. I'm not too sure I like the paper. The first layer is especially difficult because the paint soaks into the paper so quickly, you can't manipulate it. Perhaps I need to wet my paper more. I will have to keep experimenting. I did like the surface after my first layer of paint and pencil but spent too much time smoothing out the edges of the first layer of acrylic wash.
She also told me about the Incredible Art Board and I love it and would highly recommend it. It doesn't warp, tape doesn't tear the surface off like it does with foam core board and its light so you can carry it around. You can also staple your paper on it and use it over and over again.


tlc illustration said...

I don't think the Epson fine art papers are very good to paint on really. I print out on Arches (or whatever 'real' paper you might use?)

Is the objective of this to make it faster?

Wendy said...

The magic continues....