Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idleness

Okay, confession time. I am an American Idol fan. There. I've said it. And while I'm at it, summer isn't summer without So You Think You Can Dance. Now you know my two secrets. So, while I'm on a roll, I'm admitting that I was mesmerized by Adam Lambert's rendition of "Ring of Fire"on AI last night. It was sort of a creepy delivery, but I was captivated by the arrangement and his incredible vocals. I was not a fan of his version of "Satisfaction", but last night showed just how unique and gutsy this singer is. And has anyone noticed how much this kid looks like Elvis. I believe, that underneath the Richard Alpert eyeliner, black fingernail polish, and symetrical haircut is a good-looking kid with a great smile. Like Kelly Clarkson, Adam possesses an awesome vocal instrument. Wish he could simply do his musical theatre thing, instead of this goth drama. I would pay good money for a CD of Adam singing Broadway tunes. I wonder how he would fair with opera? I know...enough of this silliness and back to the easel.


bevany said...

Yuck. Maybe if I closed my eyes while I listened I would enjoy him more. You really need to look at my friends blog: You two could bond. She's in love with David A and is going to his concert in boise this weekend.

Jennie Chan Moscatelli said...

It's funny, but I love those two shows also. For the last two seasons, we went to see the "So You Think You Can Dance" shows while they toured. I've seen a couple of AI shows as well.

I agree that Adam is a good looking kid under the makeup and goth image.
I think he is a very good singer and performer and would be great on Broadway. I wasn't crazy with his rendition of "Ring of Fire". It was really a bit odd to me.
My favorite right now is Danny Gokey. I didn't agree with the elimination. I think that Alexis is better than Megan. I'm sure that even some of the ones eliminated will get record deals though.

E and H said...

Unfortunately, I haven't really gotten the AI bite. I only knew who you were talking about because of the picture. Not sure why I haven't been into this season. Maybe I'm still wishing Archie could be in the competition. None of them seem to shine as much as he did.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Come on Bevany. You have to admit Adam's version of "Track of my Tears was pretty awesome.

Sheri said...

I agree. This weeks performance was great and he even looked normal...and it was a fine normal, too!