Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Favorite Christmas Music

Here is just a sampling of Christmas music that I must play during the holiday, (although they must never be played until after Thanksgiving).
Loreena McKennitt's A Midwinter Night's Dream is new this year but includes pieces from her former shortened holiday CD. Love the instrumentals as well as the vocals.
Barb's original CD is a tradition around our house since we had the vinyl album. I dare you to listen to her Jingle Bells without tapping your toe.
Maureen McGovern's Cd is only available on her website. It's original and fresh with one of the most poignant versions of Some Children See Him I've yet to hear.
If you're feeling slightly bawdy and want to feel transported to an Irish pub, plop the Chieftain's Bells of Dublin in the player. It's wonderful and full of energy and the clinking of mugs.
Last, but not least, is John Bosewell's hidden gem, Festival of the Heart. This is my all-time favorite instrumental Christmas album. Forget Brickman and other popular pianists. Bosewell trumps them all as far as composition and delivery and variety. It contains familiar carols as well as some original pieces that capture the feeling of the season.
Any CD's any of you can recommend? I would love to hear.


Bevany said...

Osmond Family Christmas...need I say more?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Silly ME. I forgot that one. Whose BD was it yesterday, Bev??

E and H said...

Dang! Forgot to snag the Festival of the Heart cd before I moved out. I love that CD! I would play it when I went to sleep and fall asleep dreaming of make-believe worlds. It really does transport one. Erik and I have been listening to the tabernacle Christmas cd. I love both the traditional, "pop" Christmas music (though they get a bit tiresome because they get played repeatedly over the radio) and also the soft, instrumental songs. And love love singings the church hymn Christmas songs. Christmas is a good season!

tlc illustration said...

I haven't heard the Marureen McGovern one, or John Bosewell, but love the others on your list. A few others on my must-listen rotation are by Hilary Weeks, Jewel, Kenny Loggins, some really old Percy Faith instrumentals, plus a stack of the Windham-Hill "Celtic Christmas" compilations (I think I have 6 of those).

Bevany said...

Ha ha. I almost wrote whos b-day it was in my comment but didn't want to seem too stalkerish. Guess I didn't need to worry :)