Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Angel Revisited

I've been trying to figure out those aspects of myself that seem true to me as an artist. This is part of that soul-searching process one does to reveal one's voice or style. A voice unique to me and no one else. The problem is that part of the filtering process is accomplished by compiling other artists' work that I connect with and asking what is it about these pieces that speak to me and why without being so influenced by them that you start copying their style. I learned this process from one of my first teachers, Scott Wakefield and most recently, my online teacher, J.Kirk Richards. One of Kirk's first assignments was to draw a "breathing line". Basically, I had to draw a line and then make it breathe by darkening and lightening, broadening and thinning the line as it moved across my paper. Through both of these exercises, I've discovered I am naturally inclined to communicate a flowing, curving line....feminine and delicate. There is nothing forced or contrived about drawing this for me and I realized that this line is often the basis for most of my drawings. I'm also noticing how often I naturally use a profile. Hey...a breakthrough. Baby steps, right?

Anyway, here's a truer representation of my angel idea for a Christmas card. (yeah...I know... it's the 10th of December).


E and H said...

I like this one the most. I would suggest not using much color to enhance/complete it. Use subtle colors. Maybe soft blues and silver. Or maybe a sepia tone. But don't mind me, it's just a simple gal's opinion. But I think elves would be a good idea too. But I think you're going for the more significant points of Christmas.

tlc illustration said...

Sounds like really good exercises. I've been going through a similar process on my own in search of 'voice' (which is sometimes hard to determine when you are being art-directed so heavily that not much of 'you' gets to come through). I am also all about the flowy, curvy line! :-) I'm miserable if I have to do anything mechanical or architectural.

Tell me more about this online teacher/learning you are doing..?