Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is a photo of the Autumn Maiden. I tried calibrating the colors without success. This is way too saturated compared to the actual painting. I feel like I need to tone down the borders. They're jumping out at me. I wish I were better with color!!!! Give me a pencil and I'm confident. Hand me a brush and paint and I panic. I analize WAY too much. This will probably end up as "ugly painting #4". Only 96 more to go before I succeed.


Kevin said...

Nothing ugly there, whatsoever! The hands are looking especially lovely and her face is well rendered. Bring this one all the way to a finish before you make any final judgements. :-)


The Hartungs said...

Kim, the borders i think are great I like how it defines and contains the whole painting instead of letting it run wild. I also like the color of your maidens hair, maybe because it reminds me of the color my hair should be and i too think the hands are a good size