Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bad Blogger

It's been a month since I last blogged. Between working on the children's book and assignments for SmART School, St. Patrick's Day and Easter, it's been a busy month. Plus I built a new website, this time without paying anyone to do it for me. If any of you have been thinking of taking the next step and putting your work out there beyond a blog, I highly recommend Weebly.

After completing "Barcoded", Rebecca wanted me to create another pretend book cover with the same character, as if this one was a sequel. This assignment has been a great exercise of "stepping into your illustration" and understanding the character you've created. As usual, it has been a slow and torturous process that has become my 'method'. Nothing comes easy. I knew I wanted her on a journey and in this second cover, Rebecca asked that I show a secondary figure, even if it's a mere hint. I had to show more of her body too.
 I did several trial illustrations with her holding the staff, which I had designed with aboriginal symbols. For some reason, she looked too stiff holding this very diagonal, straight object. It just wasn't working for me. I then put her in a more organic setting with a sort of misty atmosphere, losing some edges here and there. This face is taken from a very obscure photo I found on the internet. I found some others but they were poor quality, but I did my best.

I have two versions and I think I'm preferring the sepia one over the grey. I like her gaze looking directly at the viewer. We will see what Rebecca thinks come Monday. 


Joanne Roberts said...

Hi! I'm a fairly new fan, having discovered you on Pinterest. Thanks for posting all your work-in-progress. It's both encouraging and inspiring to others of us struggling along.
As for this cover, there are lots of things to like about the second version. Overall I think it's going to work better. Maybe more hint of what the character is thinking? There is a bit more emotion in the first version. Anyway, I know your finished product will turn out spectacular. 'Can't wait to see it progress.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you Joanne. I completely agree with you. her face is too deer-in-the-headlights. Will work on that. I just joined your delightful blog and realized I have been on many of your boards on Pinterest. Hopefully, as this progresses I can remedy the problems. Let's struggle together! Thanks again.

Brian said...

These both look really good. I like the one with the hooded cloak and hands closer to the face because they have interesting charcter and help frame the subject.

Heather said...

New follower here, found you through the Muddy Colors blog.

I agree with the comment above, thank you so much for posting "In Progress" pics... it's always so wonderful to learn about an artist's process.

Your work is beautiful :)