Monday, October 14, 2013

The Importance of Sketching

Awhile ago I posted some new artist discoveries and raved about the wonderful sketches some of them have on their blogs. It's not a happy coincidence that their sketches translate into amazing work. These artist have learned that sketching calisthenics equal stronger artistic chops. I think it also helps you "think" on the page in a way that is freer and more introspective. So I've been trying to do more pencil warm ups before working on my commission and it has helped me in many ways. 

1. It gets my creative juices flowing and my eye-to-hand brain in gear.
2. When you are working on a job that has lost it's creative spark, sketching helps revitalize you.
3. It gives you a multitude of idea "sparks" to develop further when you have time for the personal work.
4. It helps develop visual memory which is so important as you find your voice and style.
5. You have a journal of your artistic progress.
And..... (scroll down)

 6. Introspection. Not only a place to record images but a good place to contemplate your life as you seek to find a healthy balance between work and family and friends. 

There are some incredible sketchbook artists out there. Tara Chang never fails to post her Sunday sketches from church. Check out Rich Anderson and Habbenink too. Awesome.


Tara Chang said...

:-) Thanks. (And DO let me know if you and your sketchbook figure out the 'healthy balance' thing...?)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Excellent work! I use to sketch often, but have lost the habit over the years. I love seeing this, it's inspiring!


Kim Rempel said...

Holy $#!@ you can draw! I mean, I know that, but when I see these wonderful sketches it is so powerful. I must start drawing more.

rachel jones said...

Really brilliant little insight.

Anonymous said...

Your drawing amazes and delights me! Are your sketches done from life or your imagination? (Probably some of both.) I must get myself disciplined enough to sketch some every. single. day.
Guess I need advice on managing time!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you Kim.

* Thanks Rachel.

** Thank you Anon. Yeah...time. It can be a beast, can't it? Sketches come from both life, photo, or imagination.


Wow Kim! Thank you for following my work. I'm a big fan of yours, keep up the amazingness!