Tuesday, September 4, 2012

David Habben Treat

A few weeks ago, as I was perusing my blog reader, David Habben was offering free, yes, I said FREE prints left over from his "Shapes of Conscious" show. I sent him my address and this is what came in the mail. Isn't it awesome? And it's printed on this beautifully textured watercolor paper. Love his business card too. You simply must look at this guy's sketchbooks. Unbelievable!
THANKS, David!


Vicki said...

These are beautiful. The business card is exquisite. What does this guy do with his art in general?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Hi Vicki! He's really all over the place. I actually was introduced to his work via a religious painting he had done. He does editorial, conceptual, graphics, you name it. His sketches are actually my favorite. Such a draftsman. Reminds me a little of Scott Fischer.