Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is for you, Ruth.

There are people who come into your life who make a tremendous impact. Friends who will tell you like it is (Kim, irregardless is NOT a real word) and guard your secrets and accept you unconditionally. Ruth is one such friend. More than a decade separates us. My youngest is around her oldest's age. But for some cosmic purpose, we were brought together and I treasure her. I admire her. She has understood my passion for art and I, hopefully have returned equal understanding for her quest for knowledge, both ancient and present. (oh yea...and French).
The top photo is Ruth's version of Gandalf...her costume for the LOTR Line Party for ROTK years ago. She waited with me, her friend and confirmed Ringer, for HOURS!!! Wait, I think when you add it all up, multiply it for sub-zero temperatures, it was DAYS. She was so pleased with her attire even though the hat she had borrowed was in fact, a SORTING HAT from Harry Potter. Undeterred, Ruth pulled it off even as we were being interviewed by a local TV station. She was witty and well-spoken even donning that beard. I, on the other hand, fumbled and mumbled, petrified by the camera.

SO, here's to friendship, brooding cotton mill owners, little men with hairy feet, and Westies.


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