Monday, August 20, 2012

Super Hero

I'm nearly finished with the Harry Potter inspired portrait of my grandson (pictures forthcoming). This is going to be a triptych of sort, highlighting the three aspects of his personality. This is the second one. He is a HUGE Super Hero fan, especially after seeing the Avengers movie. On this one, I'm trying a different technique. I painted over an old study  wooden panel with a Cad Red/white mix. I quite like the texture that is showing through the paint. After it dried, I free-handed the sketch and then darkened the lines with a sepia Prismacolor.  Next, I will paint in the lines with oil so I don't lose them under my oil application. 


John Calvin said...

I always enjoy these early-stage photos and descriptions. It's nice to see the process, procedure, and materials being used to create a work of art.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you John. I just wish I didn't fumble so much getting to the finish line. I appreciate the encouragement.