Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebrate Moran Day

On a personal note, yesterday marked the second anniversary of our dear granddaughter Moran's death. Her parents wanted to celebrate her as she truly is a part of their family. At a park in our town, we have a memorial tree with a stone marker for Moran and we decorated it with 13 balloons, representing our 13 grandchildren. It was a grey, overcast day and then, as we prepared to leave, the sun suddenly broke through, briefly highlighting the balloons. Very symbolic for me. Moran's time was so brief, but her light has touch us all. Love you CC, J and O.


Crystal Cook said...

What a beautiful and touching tribute Kim. :) I'll be thinking about you and your lovely family today. Life is so precious.

And your WIP is coming along beautifully.

Ce said...

Thank you so much, Mom and Dad. It meant so much to me so see and hear the thoughtfulness, remembrance and love from each of my family on this very special day. What a beautiful tribute to each of the special grandkids. Love always and forever, c

bevany said...

Wow! Mike went up to her grave, but we totally forgot about the tree. It looks beautiful!