Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Reads (and listens) From 2010

Here are some of the books I really enjoyed this year. There are still many books I haven't gotten my hands on or am still reading, but there's always next year.
The sequel to "Leviathan". Unusual, adventurous, steam-punky and inventive.
Sequel to "The Monstumologist". This was a different twist on the story of Will Henry. Much more ambivalent but still compelling, disturbing and creepy.
One of my favorites. Para-normal, Gothic, very romantic. The sequel, "The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker" is equally good.
The young woman in this book has the ability to locate victims who have died. Had me guessing and turning the pages.
A surprisingly moving story set in a Grimm fairy tale.
One of my favorite new fantasies. This is the third in a series of 5. Very unusual and layered.
Stayed with me for weeks.
Funny, witty, wicked, these and have read the following two. Looking forward to "Heartless" for 2011.
Great read and interesting premise with a zing I didn't see coming.
I'm sure I'm forgetting some. What were some of your favorites?


Crystal Cook said...

I love your list! I just saw the Monstrumoligist at the library the other day but put it back because it sounded so creepy! But I think it sounds really interesting. :) And I really liked the Body Finder and Mockingjay (of course!). I can't wait to track the rest of these down! I read Nevermore by Kelly Creagh and loved it. It was one of my favorites. Keturah and Lord Death was another great one too. And The Demon's Lexicon and the sequel The Demon's Covenant. I loved those. :)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I LOVE Keturah and Lord Death. One of my favorite reads. I will give Nevermore a chance. I've heard about it from several people. Thank you Crystal, for your suggestions. How is your own novel coming?

Crystal Cook said...

I haven't actually worked on it after I finished it at the end of November. My plan was to leave it alone until January and then go back and revise it. I'm kind of nervous and excited to go back and read it. :) Thanks for asking friend.

What about you? I heard you were working on illustrations for a picture book.

Karena said...

I found you through Crystal!! Kim a wonderful list of reads!

Happy New Years!

Art by Karena

Kim said...

Okay - spending a lot of time on your blog this morning : ) My favourites were "The Help" , "Water for Elephants". I'm intrigued by the sound of "The book of Lost Things". That will be next on my list.