Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finishing Projects SAD

One of my many goals is to finish up some projects that have been gathering dust around the studio. Most of these older projects are intimidating me for one reason or another. Either I'm unsure how to proceed with the medium or I'm not happy with the initial concept. Though I like the look of this one (top drawing), I'm uncertain what I want to convey. Yesterday, I spent some time reworking the fairy in this bottom sketch, trying to make her look less coy and more sad and dejected because she's been caught in a snare. Um....decisions, decisions.

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1 said...

I really like this drawing. It kinda looks like my daughter (4 years old) when she's mad after me for raising my voice because she did something bad. I actually showed it to my students as a reference during one of my art classes. They really liked it. They also associated it to ''being mad'' or '' insulted about a situation''.
Again, great should not change this one...maybe do an entirely new one with the intention of another expression.