Friday, September 25, 2009

Blending Colors

Okay...this was tricky. You have to use just the right amount of Turpenoid on your paper towel or you completely wipe off your pigment. Sergio says to use 5 drops. Lacking an eyedropper, I had to experiment and ended up using my fingers to blend more than the cloth. Another thing. I got interrupted and had to come back to lift out the color on the lightest areas and discovered the pigment had "set" into the paper. I'm hoping I can lighten things up on the other side using the colored pencils he recommends. I am pleased with the vibrancy of the pigments, though, be warned, they do dull after they dry. carefully remove the tape and turn it to the right side. Fingers crossed.
The above image is the picture, right-side up. Not sure what I think of the hard charcoal edges. I think I should have used the lighter ochre pencil through out. Um. Yeah...those lines are way too harsh. Well, this is an experiment, right?? Let's see, we use colored pencils on this side to emphasize the highlights and darken the shadows. Until tomorrow...

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