Thursday, June 25, 2009

IMC 2009

I've been back from the Illustration Master Class for a few days now and am still reeling from the experience. I didn't think anything could top last year's class but they managed to surpass it. Rebecca Guay is the mastermind behind the class and along with her assembled cast of instructors extraordinaire, they pull off a class that allows the student to reach within, face long-held fears, and boldly go where they never thought possible. Perhaps that seems too dramatic, but it's how I feel about it. There exists an incredible artistic energy that comes from all the teachers as well as the attendees. It's impossible to resist and once you plug in, it propels you forward. It's very hard to leave. Depressing, actually. But, we do stay in contact on Facebook and that helps.
Above are photos of my daughter Sarah as the Lady of the Lake, the assignment I chose for the class. I ended up taking elements of each Photoshop workup, developing the sketch at the bottom. Next post, I will show my progress on the painting.

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Lovely, simply lovely!