Friday, December 5, 2008

Quick Sketches

Quick sketch in my new brown bag sketchbook. I really like the toned paper and smooth bristol finish. Very colored pencil friendly. This is Po, a character from K. Cashore's book, Graceling. I had to return the book to the library so I couldn't reread his description, so this is all from memory. He has two different colored eyes, gold and silver. All "Gracelings" have two different eye colors. My daughter, Audrey has a blue eye and a grey eye, but she wears blue-tinted contacts so you can't tell. Wish she wouldn't. I think it's so unique.
Another Christmas card idea. Yeah I know.....arms are too long.

This was drawn in church last week. I went to an art gallery tonight to hear James C. Christensen and he showed several paintings that first started as sketches in church. See Tara...if you're reading this. You are in good company.


E and H said...

I think a good Christmas card theme for you would be elves. You would make them so cute. But your sketches looks good!

tlc illustration said...

I had J. Christensen for one class at BYU while I was in college. He showed us his sketchbooks (much of which were drawn in church even then) which I continue to be inspired by. So many fanciful variations on a theme... Maybe someday I'll figure out what my theme is.

What else did he talk about? I've wondered many times since his retirement how his painting philosophies have changed over time (he definitely paints different things now than he was 20 years ago). I'd love to hear him talk again.

Kathy2eggs said...

Your art is fantastic....your angel is perfect...she speaks to me.
I love your work.

Julian Tejera said...

Its great when you can find your voice in art making. I visit your blog from time to time and I love how you draw and paint. That delicate, feminine line certainly is a quality of yours.
I'm in the process of finding my own voice. My big breakthrough was after completing the drawing for the dragonflower piece (thank you for the comment by the way :) I was trying to do a more stylized figurative representation, stylized realism I guess. Its fun and I had a great time doing that drawing. But after my two year anniversary with my lovely girlfriend, where we hit up about 4 museums in two days, I realized that classical realism a la Donato will forever be my calling. Bouguereau is my favorite classical painter, as we discussed that first day at IMC last year, and I saw Nymphs and the Satyr at the Clarke... breathtaking. So I have my gears set in motion to fine tune my realism and to stylize it in my own unique way so that if you see my work you'd know its mine. And to answer your question, I will absolutely be at IMC 09. My goal this year being to finish the painting, hehe.