Friday, August 1, 2008

Master Class Assignment - Final

Here's the final on my class assignment, entitled Awaiting Invitation. Personally, I think I've over worked it and I'm not sure I would use Galkyd again as it didn't scan well. I was rushing when I applied the first layer and ended up with little flecks of dust on the surface. I might try one more time.

On to other things. I MUST finish Reading by Fireflies before I do anything else.

FYI-Tonight is the Breaking Dawn party at the B&N in Layton. Exciteamundo!!


Erinne said...

The title is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I looked at this about a few weeks ago and I was sort of bugged by the colors you had chosen for the bird-they were too bold---he popped too much off the paper. But I should of figured you weren't done. I love the muted color palette and the softening of the bird. Good job!

tlc illustration said...

I think it is beautiful, Kim.

I took mine to a copy place to have them scan it - their scanner is much better than mine. There was no glare or any obvious galkyd problems that I could see.

My daughter has stolen our copy of Breaking Dawn and won't let me see it until she finishes... :-(

Kevin said...


I like it. It succeeds in making me want to know more about this lonely plant character and how he arrived at this moment in his life. The colors work well to convey the mood.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you for commenting you three! Appreciate the positive feedback.