Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to Normal...well as normal as it gets....

I took me a good week to feel normal again after my wonderful time in Amherst. I've been getting back to painting and rethinking my artistic directions and goals during this lull time. This class gave me so much to contemplate, I've had to sift through all the information, my response to that info and how it applies to me and my desire to succeed as an artist. More of that later.
Here are the amazing instructors from the Master Illustration Class. In the front, from left to right are Dan DosSantos and Irene Gallo (the AD from Tor books). Second row, center, is Scott Fischer, Rebecca Guay, and Greg Manchess. Back row, left to right, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Donato Giancola and Rebecca's wonderful assistant, Sara. What can I say about each and everyone of these guys? They are simply AWESOME; positive, encouraging, generous of spirit and all incredible artists...the best in their genre and yet each distinctly different in their approach and style and subject matter. My challenge: to start producing some art worthy of their time and effort spent with me.

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