Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spectrum Live 2

 I am heading to my very first show this Friday. 
Because of the generosity of  Muddy Color's Rising Star contest  my work already has a place there at the Spectrum Live 2. At first I wasn't going to attend due to some conflicts here at home. Once those conflicts were resolved I confronted my demons with the help of friends and family, decided to gather my courage and GO.  Housing isn't a problem due to two kind offers to share hotel space (thanks Tara and Christine). Plus, Muddy Colors is providing the winners complimentary three day passes to the event. I know many people from IMC so I will be among friends and acquaintances. SFAL will be the perfect introduction to the Sci-fi/Fantasy Art Convention for this Con neophyte.

Though I have sold prints, I haven't tried to sell an original piece of art before. Knowing my painting will be hanging with the incredible work of Dan Dos Santos and the other pros at Muddy Colors is reward enough.   

I will have various prints for sale there and tried to offer a variety of
sizes and prices. I've also thrown in a few original sketches. 
We will see what the weekend brings.


Suzy said...

Enjoy it for me, and congratulations on your honored status!

John Calvin said...

Sounds like fun! And I think you belong there. I hope you'll give a detailed report when you get back.

Greg Newbold said...

So awesome! Good luck and give us the skinny when you get back.

Brian said...

Cool, have fun! Say hi to my classmate Scott Murphy when you are there.

Tanja said...

Good luck and have fun! I went last year and met some amazing artists. :)

Angypants said...

Have a wonderful time! Don't forget to take pictures. ;0)