Thursday, October 6, 2011


Had the hardest time photographing this with the galkyd finish but this is the best I have for now. Honestly, I'm so tired of looking and accessing and redoing that I'm sort of numb when I look at it. I feel good about completing a goal but not sure how successful I've been in communicating my feelings through the painting.

Here is the explanation for "Antiphon":
An “Antiphon” is a term used for a “call and response” style of singing. Its application here expresses the spiritual interaction between God and His children through prayer. This antiphonic duet becomes a continual harmonic exchange when both heed the supplication of the other, including God’s call to make known His wondrous “song of redeeming love”. The woman is portrayed both singing as well as listening. With eyes closed, the worldly distractions that would deter her from hearing God’s response are diminished. The stained glass represents the veil separating us from our Creator. The distortion of the glass obscures our vision but God’s light illuminates our paths to truth.

On to the next project.


Heidi Anne Heiner said...

I think it is spectacular. But I understand the numbness of the end of a project... You'll have joy in it again in a few months.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you Heidi! I hope that joy will come in the future. Appreciate you stopping by.

Crystal Cook said...

It's beautiful Kim. ANd so rich with feeling too! What was your deadline for? A competition?

Bayra said...

Absolutely moving! I love it. I can see in her face that she is in a different place than where she is standing. I would love a print of it to give to Lisa. She somehow reminds me of her. Love you!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you Crystal. Today is the deadline and it's the church's international competition.

Hi Bayra! Thank you for your comments. Let me get a decent photo of it and then I can make a print. How's that new little baby girl?