Thursday, July 7, 2011

IMC Report - The Students

Now on to the students. My hope in posting this isn't to include everyone's work. It's to show that the students at IMC are at all levels with a myriad of approaches to their work. There are some students that are so good they could be one of the instructors (hello, Justin Gerard). But most of us are simply people who love art and are trying to further our knowledge of the craft and decided to take the risk and justify the expense to come to this incredible workshop, known as IMC.

This is Sue Cornelison. She was one of the few students who finished and began a second.

The awesome Tara L. Chang with her ill-mannered trolls. Check out her blog for some wonderful coverage of this year's IMC.
This is Vicki Sheridan, a lovely woman from my native state (CA) talking with Irene Gallo.
We stay in dorms (Morris Pratt) the whole week. Simple living. I try to get on the third or fourth floor so I can get some exercise climbing the stairs a couple times a day. I admit, at the wee hours of the morning, I drag myself up them.
Here are some of the other assignments. Just two of my favorites. Bree Haxell from Australia (above) and Jonny Duddle from the UK (below).

Another Brit: Aly Fell.
One of Rebecca's lovely assistants, Julia.
This is Tony Palumbo, an IMC 4 timer
Here is Tara talking with Klaus (sorry, couldn't find the last name). He came all the way from Denmark.
Jada's whimsical piece.
This is Jada Rowland, already an established children's book illustrator and an absolute delight. (so sorry about your faerie)
Ev Shipard from down under.
Funny Mark Helwig. He created this dragon maquette to help him with his painting.
Garrett's piece.
IMC definitely exposes you to many, wonderful people. I didn't know any of these good folks until this year, but something pulls us together the very first night as we dine at this awesome restaurant called Jodie's. The smiling mug in the front is the youngest guy attending, Garrett Bouslough. Fresh out of high school, but he came. So whether you are in your teens or looking at 60, IMC provides an overall awesome, artistic experience, no matter what your level.
And yes....we have a lot of fun too.
John Deininger taking flight.
(wings by Renae Taylor)


Vicki said...

Claus's last name is Schierbeck--though I think it may have more letters than what I wrote there.
This is a very warm and nice introduction to a week that leaves me scratching about for superlatives every time I try to describe it. Thanks Kim.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thanks Vicki. I even rode in a shuttle with Klaus but still failed to catch his full name. I hope you are doing well. Your children's piece turned out wonderfully.

HIL and ERIK said...

Love Duddle's dino. Poor sheepy. I hope you are planning to go next year. This makes you happy. You should go. Plus, I promise I won't be close to having a baby then :)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you Hilary. Attending does make me happy. But grandbabies make me even more happy.