Monday, October 5, 2009

Website Finally Updated

I don't know why updating my website is such a time-consuming process. Perhaps it's having too many options. All that decision making. This was one of my IMC goals made back in June. My hope now is to finish several personal pieces that are so close to completion before Christmas and update my website each month.

I heard a quote on the radio the other day: "There is nothing more restrictive than unmet potential". I feel a sense of freedom when I accomplish one of my artistic goals, especially when it's something I've struggled with. Whew! One down....100 more to go.


Julian Tejera said...

Kim I totally hear you on that. Updating my website is somethign I never look forward to at all haha. Which is why it very seldom happens, and in fact I only ever updated it once after it launched. I need to get on that. Good luck to your web-updating endeavors!

Krista said...

Congrats on updating your website! Woot! Woot!