Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painting on Vellum ala Sergio Martinez

I've been a fan of Sergio's every since I discovered his illustrations for Max Lucado's "You Are Special". His composition and line work are wonderful and strong. He creates his luminous colors by drawing on both sides of vellum. I'vebeen a fan of drawing on vellum for years now so I was very interested in his technique. In one of his blog posts he mentioned that his whole process was explained in an out-of-print edition of Step by Step Graphics. Fortunately, someone on ConceptArt who owned that edition scanned and posted the whole article. UNfortunately, the link is now down. So glad I saved it! This is my experimental sketch & value study. Next I will cover the sketch with a sheet of heavy, 90gm vellum and redraw with a carbon charcoal pencil. Hopefully, I will be ready to post the next step tomorrow.

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Pat Lewis said...

Hi Kim-your blog is awesome! I'll follow it now. You've posted some really cool things here! I've used vellum for years with colored pencils for tattoo flash and it's great. by the way, congradulations on the prisma color box cover - that's so much fun to see your work in the stores on a national level! (I had a computer game cover like that) I wish I had time to post a blog this nice, I'll be checking back often! I'll post a website link for you, if you do for me?