Thursday, September 24, 2009

Next Step: Charcoal

After resketching the picture on heavy vellum (I used a Wolff's Carbon B charcoal pencil), Martinez says to go over the drawing very lightly, with a kneaded eraser. Quote: "I'm not really erasing; I'm caressing the lines. I am making the hard edge of the lines disappear". He then tuns the vellum over and does the drawing on the back, reinforcing the overall shadows and then repeating the eraser bit. I'm not sure I did this part right. I tried my best to caress the paper. This is where Sergio sends in the scan for approval.

Oops! After rereading the article, I realized I added an extra step by mistake. This step should replace the value step I did on the computer. ( I got the captions and the instructions mixed up. Senior moment. Happens alot.)

After approval, your own or the AD's, you then resize it to your final specifications, and print it out. It's from this copied version of the drawing that you NOW resketch your final drawing using the heavy vellum, as well as the carbon charcoal, thereby eliminating the charcoal mess I've now created on my drawing, not to mention the keyboard. You will have is a clean, line drawing of your piece, ready to be fixed and then the "painting" begins. Experimentation continues....

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Krista said...

This looks really good. I like it.. Good luck with this experiment! Sounds fun!:-)