Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Five Smooth Stones

Every three years, my church holds a world wide art competition. I have been giving this alot of thought since the start of 2008. I've had the idea and the photo references shot for quite awhile. Of course, procastinating as usual, I've just started the piece with very little time to spare. I'm not even sure I have enough talent and skill to make this work, but my friend Anita and I have set this goal and I want to at least give it a whirl. Here's the start of the first initial layout. I will explain what it's about in the next update.


Amy Sullivan said...

Oh My Kim~
He is BEAUTIFUL! What ever you have planned~ this is a gorgeous start!
Your drawing skills are amazing.
I will be looking forward to your updates.~Amy~

E and H said...

Hey Mom! Well I'm eager to see how your idea comes about. Good luck with all your artwork and busy schedule! Love you!!!

kourtney said...

Kimmy, I am takes ME to the resurrection. And the look on his face. Very beautiful!

Pat said...

I like the title.

Have you ever wondered to the four stones he never used?