Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some Belated Master Class Photos

This is my dorm room for the week I stayed at Amherst. We shared the bathrooms. Fortunately, Anita Hart-Carroll and I were the only females on the third floor, so we had the bathroom to ourselves. My room looked out on two giant soccer fields and tennis courts.

This picture was taken by Irene Gallo. I simply love it. She took it before we, the students, all arrived. These drawing horses are primed and ready for us to claim them and straddle them, along with our drawing boards and begin the race to learn, to fail, to try, and to succeed. I look at this picture and think: POSSIBILITIES.

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Bevany said...

Wow Kim, I love your new header. It looks so good. I want to redo my blog too, but I'm too impatient to try to figure out how to do it myself...and I can't find anything else I like.