Monday, February 15, 2016

Every Day Original

Over a year ago, Marc Scheff and Lauren Panepinto created an online gallery called Every Day Original. I mentioned them in my last post. Basically, they offer smaller, affordable original paintings, drawings, etc. for the public. It's challenged me to have a new piece every month. This month's is called "Camouflage", a 10" x 10" oil on canvas. Here are the progress shots.

I began with a cradled canvas panel and applied 3 coats of gesso, WET sanding in-between each layer. On top of that smooth surface I drew the sketch. Next I applied a coat of acrylic matte medium which created a nice texture with the graphite.

 Next I began with oils.

 This was the first pass.
And below is the finished piece. A wonderful patron bought it within the hour which for me, makes all the hours spent on the painting so know that someone out in the world connected with something I created is so fulfilling.


Lindsay said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Kim! As always!

Unknown said...

Wonderful work Kim!

Why 3 coats of gesso?
Is it acrylic gesso?
Why WET sanding in-between each layer?
Do you do any additional sanding on the acrylic matte medium?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you Lindsay! Brian, I was going for a completely smooth surface. No texture. It was a method used by one of my teachers so I gave it a try. Every layer was sanded, including the matte medium that sealed the drawing but not wet...only used that on the acrylic gesso.