Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dragon Tattoo

One of the many positive aspects of the internet is meeting people online who are kind and inspirational. Quite awhile ago, a woman contacted me via Shurtugal.com. She needed someone to design a dragon tattoo for her. Her young son, who had passed away had loved dragons and the story of Eragon by Christopher Paolini. She wanted to honor him in her own way with a tattoo of a blue dragon, similar to Saphira. She was very specific as to how she wanted it to wind around under her arm and also wanted the wings to come across her shoulder blade and arm with the head coming over her arm as well. I have to say this dear mother must have a high threshold tolerance for pain. But despite the discomfort, I believe it turned out to be a very spiritual experience for her and will reverently bear this image throughout her life as a memorial to her son. I'm grateful our paths crossed.


HIL and ERIK said...

Wow mom - I didn't know that you had done that! The dragon looks awesome!!!

bevany said...

Wow. That's one big tattoo. Crazy that you designed it. Good job!

tlchang said...

Brave woman (women! both of you!) It turned out beautifully.

Actually that is one scenario in which I could see getting a tattoo making some sense (although not a big one..)

Anita HartCarroll said...

wonderous and amazing! and beautiful. no better use of a gift than to bring comfort and inspiration.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Just Beautiful~
I am so happy that this young Mom found you~ you did an amazing job for her.
It is a piece of art that she can wear & be proud of.

LDahl said...

Ah waily, waily, waily! I am prejudice against tattoos but even I have to admit I can understand this one, thankfully she had someone as talented as you to design it for her.
I'm really enjoying your blog.