Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Art Room Move

We've been slowly finishing our basement since flooding 2 years ago. It was so bad, we had to gut the entire floor. The former bedroom has been converted into my new art room with a nice big north-facing window. I must confess here that I have an art book addiction, as this pile on the floor attests. The top three books (picture #1) are my latest acquisition. They are the 1960 edition of the "Famous Artist School" and are usually on most artists' top art books list. I've had the red one since childhood (as well as Andrew Loomis's Fun With a Pencil) and have been longing to complete the volumes for years. I finally found these two to complete the set on E-bay. I am a happy woman. Tucker, my fat feline companion is wondering what is going on. I will post pictures of the completed room in the future.


bevany said...

Why does it seem like Tucker is STARING at me? Oh...and it was THREE years ago it flooded. I know, I know, you miss us living there but it has been three years. Crazy.

Erinne said...

Speaking of books and ebay...So, is it morally or ethically wrong to check out a library book, incure the fines, receive the endless overdue notices, and eventually the final bill, all on purpose? Or, should one look for the out-of-print book on ebay?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Bevany, You are right. It HAS been three years. Yikes.
Erinne, Most libraries know if they have a rare, out-of-print book and your replacement fee will reflect that inflated price, PLUS all the other overdue costs. Ebay or other bookstores dealing with OOP books are your best/ethical/moral choice.