Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saying It Simply

My nieces on my husband's side have begun a business of creative and clever decor items. I don't know how they do all this along with mothering 7 children between them. But then, if my memory serves me correctly, I WAS doing this kind of work for about 14 years while our 6 children were at home. Oh yeah...I was YOUNG then!!! Seriously, I think any creative person discovers that even though you are fullfilled with motherhood, there is still this yearning to create beyond the day to day demands of family life. I see this with so many of my female friends and family members, although the choice of that creative vehicle differs with each one of them.
Back to my nieces. Their business is called Saying It Simply and they've recently started a blog to showcase their wonderful work. Check them out.

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Saying It Simply said...

Thank you, Aunt Kimmy! This is so kind. Our lives ARE crazy. But we love doing this and giving people the opportunity to have a sign made that they have always wanted is very fulfilling. By the way, if we can do half as good of a job as you did, I'll consider us successful.