Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Several years ago when I started drawing again, I signed up for a "Fantasy Art" class at a local studio run by some artists. I walked into the first class not knowing what to expect and was surprised to find the average age of my fellow classmates to be somewhere around 12 and a half and male. I swallowed my aged pride and sat down and waited for our instructor to arrive. In walked Kevin Wasden and yes, he was/is the age of my oldest daughter. Through the years that followed, every teacher I have had, with only one exception, was young enough to be my child, or better said, I was/am old enough to be their mother. (Oh well. . . I feel 22 inside!)
Back to Kevin. He has turned out to be a friend and mentor, always encouraging me in my art even though the initial class ended years ago. He has recently started an online comic called, Technosaurs. It's updated weekly and after the first episode, I was hooked. Give it a chance and see if you don't find yourself looking forward to Thursday's post as much as I do.

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Kevin said...

Thank you, Kim. I'm forever grateful you signed up for my class.